Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

During this week I participated in a seminar geared towards our customers, mainly surgeons, but also some internal medicine doctors. As I was waiting outside the seminar, coming a little early while the previous session was still going on inside with probably a couple of hundred people in the audience. So I hung around outside the main doors waiting for the session to end as to not disturb the people listening, being relatively at peace with myself, standing around in my fancy necktie trying to look professional.

Then, all of a sudden there is commotion coming from the meeting room, I hear some people shouting "get the defilibrator, get it now!" some guy bursts out the doors and runs to get the defilibrator device and inside I see some commotion and people looking around, confused, to see what happened. Then, just by the time the dude comes running back with the defilibrator and the room seem to have settled a bit, I hear someone calling out from the inside in a pretty loud voice "Is there a doctor in the room?", the obvious reaction to this is some general scattered laughter since probably at least 80% of the people in were certified medical doctors.
But I never did figure out if there was some joker trying to be funny on the expense of someone perhaps on the brink of death or someone who really didn't understand that basically it would be harder to find someone who is not a medical doctor in that room at that time...

Oh, and yeah, the guy who caused the commotion was ok, it was just a case of fainting due to exhaustion.


Fernando said...

That is a rather common affliction over there is Japan :S

Martin said...

Is Dr. Doom a medical doctor?

aimlesswanderer said...

My cousin who is a doctor did notice the large number of defibrillators around. A good place to have a heart attack I suppose - or an indication that the old guys making decisions keep having them. In most other countries they would likely have all been stolen.

Mr. Salaryman said...

I think doctor Doom is a dentist actually.

Aimless - Yep, could be nice to have one at home for those slow sleepy mornings, would help jumpstart the system!

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