Thursday, June 17, 2010

No flavor is the new flavor!

Anyone who has visited or lived in Japan the last few years is sure to be aware of the recent trend of snack manufacturers to release "limited editions" of their snacks with new, quite interesting and unique combination of flavors. Sometimes it's done locally featuring local speciality, and sometimes it's done nationwide.

Generally, this is nothing that I really have any strong opinion on one way or the other, I can just chose to buy the regular Kit Kat instead of the green tea/lime/whatever special edition and sometimes they can actually be quite tasty, but no point in any case to get too attached to them since they will soon be off the market in any case.

Pringles are of course also on the bandwagon for this trend and I think I remember seeing flavors such as "Turkish shish kebab", "Smoky Salami" and "Cream Cheese". But the latest one I find pretty great; it's potato chips with FRENCH FRIES flavor, so in essence, it's deep fried potato with the flavor of deep fried potato. I think this is usually called "plain" but Pringles seem to be challenging this, good for them!


yokohamamama said...

No way--Texas Barbeque rules!! My favorite so far. Honestly, though, ume shio is by far the best flavor ever (not that Pringles would ever put that out). Nori shio runs a close second:)

Anonymous said...

I thought pringles are baked. Isn't the healthiness factor their selling point?

The limited edition thing is a really smart marketing tool and a good way to test new products. Maybe if enough people buy the thing or give good comments, the product you like will come back on the market! But then again there's this fragrance of handsoap that I really like that the company for some stupid reason decides to only sell in June and December.

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