Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You're not really selling this into us you know?

Earlier in the week, during a meeting where we discussed some new processes to better manage logistics, the logistic manager proposed a different way of doing things which he had put to use in his previous company.

His pitch to us went something like this:

"(eager to pitch his idea) Well, it's not completely easy and in my previous company it was really hard to get everything right, but the second year things were running pretty good with this system. And by the third year... (face turns thoughtful) wait, oh, the third year the company went out of business so we couldn't really follow through completely... (looks momentarily sad)"

People sat silent for a few seconds before someone moved to the next point of the agenda without commenting on this little pitch... Selling ideas is hard business...


Arne Anka said...

-"To think before you speak is like wiping your ass before you take a shit."

(Att tänka innan man talar är som att torka sig i röven innan man skiter...)

Anonymous said...

That's a chick tract! You geek :)

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