Saturday, June 5, 2010

Supporting your woman during the delivery and labour process!

As a man, I think it's hard to really completely understand the hardship that giving birth is to a woman. But I of course wanted to support Mrs. Sunshine as much as I possibly could during this long and painful process and I think that all men out there should do their utmost to support their woman during the delivery.

During one of the "training session" (believe me, I will elaborate on that in more detail later on) all men received a small note where we were supposed to write a message to the mom-to-be to support her and give her strength. Instead of writing, I put my artistic skills to the best use and drew this picture for her.Needless to say, this picture with message "がんばってください, ganbatte kudasai" (one of those things a bit difficult to properly translate to English, but means something like "Keep it up", "good luck" or something similar, look it up if you're not happy with these translation attempts) gave Mrs. Sunshine strength to go through a long and painful labour process.

I do my best to support!


vaneea said...


Fernando said...

That word is as hard to describe as Banzai...which I am sure you proclaimed when lil' future office lady was born.

BTW...loved the drawing of Mrs. Sunshine with the baby coming out, very...I guess best way to put it...a picture very Salarymany like

Mr. Salaryman said...

I hope you have all noticed that in the picture Mrs. Sunshine is screaming in pain - a nice touch I thought!

The Belitung Blogging said...

Nice story.... i have followed ur blog. hope u visit and follow my blog too

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