Monday, September 20, 2010

...and let that be a lesson to you all!

Ok, last Friday the trial of Manabu Oshio for that whole sordid affair involving a dead hostess, ecstasy and very dedicated managers (catch up here), finished up.

So yeah, he ended up with 2 years and 6 months in the slammer, don't know the correct terminology here, but it was judged that he had supplied the girl with the drugs and that she might have been possible to save if he had called an ambulance immediately.

Let that be a lesson to you all. I estimate that it will be very difficult for him to try and re-enter the world of Japanese entertainment, maybe he should write a very emotional book, do some talkshows when he's out and see if he can fool anyone.


Martin said...

Do you mean that Oshio is as innocent as Jimmy Olsen?

Fernando said...

Well...2 years is pretty linient, specially for the fact that he could have called a damn ambulance

aimlesswanderer said...

I'm hardly a lawyer, let alone a japanese one, but that seems like a very lenient sentence... calling an ambulance hours after she died, attempting to conspire to cover up the crime... not exactly a good look. Did any of the others get anything?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Martin - What do you mean? What makes you think Jimmy would be innocent?

Fernando and Aimless - Yeah, I think he got off pretty lightly all things considered, the catch was that they could not say conclusively if the girl would have had a fighting chance of survival if an ambulance had been called immediately.

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