Friday, September 3, 2010

I think this is very suitable for a little girl!

Another minor issue of conflict in the Salaryman household is the dresscode of Baby Sunshine. In a brief moment of fatherly affection, I purchased the really cool dress she's wearing in the picture here, just as a temporary break from all the pinkness, strawberries and cheerful dresses.

However, I'm being met with some resistance from Mrs. Sunshine who doesn't think it's a suitable dress for a girl of her status, while I think the Skeletor vibes gives her a intimidating and powerful look which is just what she might need to dominate any other babies into submission!


Anonymous said...

This one's easy!

+1 for cool.

ThePenguin said...

An ideal outfit to wear at someone's funeral.

lina said...

I need to get of like that for my niece. :D

aimlesswanderer said...

The wife's resistance is not surprising given how Japanese are very concerned about how 'proper' girls should look, act, and what they should wear.

The fight may be long and hard, but I think you should try and make sure your daughter doesn't end up like the stereotypical jgirl.

gaijinwife said...

see, now all you need is a pink headband and a bit of lippy and I'm sure the wife will be happy again :D

Eva said...

-_- Ehh... now she looks like a guy... *faints

Mr. Salaryman said...

Anonymous - Yep, that's my point of view exactly!

Penguin - You mean an open coffin I assume?

Lina - They have Kamen Rider, Dragon Ball, Anpanman and all that stuff too, check out some Aeon stores in the outback, cheap too, should go for aroun 600-800 yen!

Aimless - Well, I am afraid that being raised in part by me makes healthy integration into society difficult in any case!

GW - You could be onto something!

Eva - Not any guy, but a real bad-ass mean super villain type of guy!

RMilner said...

Miss Sunshine is smiling so obviously she approves of the dress.

Michelle said...

Very cute face! But that outfit makes her look like a punk rocker. I can see an Osaka gyaru mom putting this on her baby... those women love skulls and stuff.

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