Monday, September 27, 2010

"Autumn Equinox Day" - As accurate as always!

Last Thursday was a holiday in Japan; "The Autumn Equinox Day" which officially signals the change from Summer to Autumn. I never ceases to amaze me how accurate this day seem to have been the last years (at least as far as my feeble mind can recall...).
Last Wednesday we had 31 degrees celcius with high humidity, quite hot and miserable. On Thursday and the official coming of Autumn, it turned to 21 degrees celcius and quite chilly overnight.

At least this hopefully means that the miserably hot summer of 2010 now is finally over!
(Ok, I admit it, I couldn't come up with an amusing picture that illustrated this somewhat dull post, so I went with Christian comics; can never really go wrong with that...)


Anonymous said...

it's raining all the time now. this sucks. However, I do prefer colder weather.

Chris said...

I was dreading doing Halloween prep in the heat but now it's not so bad.
Autumn is the best season in my neck of the woods.

RMilner said...

An old Japan hand told me a story of when he was working in a Japanese company the day before the start of the spring equinox, and it started to rain quite heavily outside.

"Oh look!" He said, "The rainy season has started early."

"No." Said his Japanese colleagues, "The rainy season starts tomorrow. It never comes early."

"What's that, then?"

"That... is just... rain."

Anonymous said...

RMilner, I literally Laughed. Out. Loud. when I read your post. More stories!!!!

Ahoy hoy said...

Every year my office will change to long sleeves/no AC on a certain day. EVERY YEAR...that day has been hotter than the one before it. Idiots.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Anonymous - Well, anything is better than the heat we had this summer I'd say though...

Chris - Yeah, just hope it doesn't skip directly to winter this year, the longer the autumn the better!

Rmilner - Yep, I can relate to that, but to be fair, he probably had heard it on the news that's it wasn't until the next day, but to us mortals rain is rain!

Ahoy - That's some flexibility for you; follow the rules!

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