Friday, September 10, 2010

Fancy some dead animals in a basket?

Recently a new restaurant court has opened in central Shibuya (you know the area with the big crossing that everyone seem to call "The Times Square of Japan"), the place labels itself as a "Meat Dish Theme Park" and "Old Japan Town" having restaurants focusing on meat dishes and having a rustic image based on old pre-war Showa atmosphere and decoration.

Since Show-retro is a bit of a fashion since a few years back and not that exciting and the restaurants in the place all seem to serve pretty basic Japanese food it's nothing that I find that exciting or interesting although it could be fun for tourists who are tired of eating fish in Japan. You can find info in Japanese here on the place.

What I find particularly great here is the fantastic image that they used to promote the place! As you can see below, it's basically a basket full of something that looks like dead animals judging from the lifeless eyes, including a pig, chicken, cow and horse (for a while I thought it was a kangaroo though) in the same basket. This is what informative illustration is all about!


Fernando said...

Odd sense of that is Japanese speciallity

Martin said...

Is the black face in the back a cat or a panda?

aimlesswanderer said...

kangaroos are tasty!

RMilner said...

There are so many Japanese adverts that make food look like it is happy to be eaten.

The fact the animals are already dead -- they've got the crosses in their eyes -- is pretty refreshing.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, I really like how the eyes are brought out to really help visualize how dead the animals are!

Not sure what the black thing in the back is, but I bet that it's really tasty!

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