Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to emphasize a breakthrough (or not)

Sometimes I focus too much on the insanity going on in my current company and forget that it's almost as insane, or even worse, in most other companies around.
Recently I talked to a friend of mine working in pharmaceutical company here in Japan and he told me, with a very tired expression, on how a product marketing team in his company, about to launch a new drug had decided to talk about how it will "create a breakthrough in treatment of disease X, just like the movie Avatar revolutionized 3D cinema!".
After coming over the first shock of the ridiculousness of comparing new treatments for serious diseases to movies in the entertainment business, I started to see the opportunities that this could create in case it became industry standard to compare medical treatments to movies.
For one of our dying older products from the 80's that has seen it's brightest days, I'm thinking of creating a campaign comparing it to either Roadhouse, Next of Kin or Red Dawn. Something like "This product did for the treatment regime of disease X just the same way as Roadhouse added to the throw away 80's violent action movies; a small diversion and something for the fans but not much else" or maybe compare one of our urology catheters to "revolutionized urologic catheters in the same way as the Crying Game revolutionized penis exposure in major films".

The opportunities are endless!


Corinne said...

I wrote an essay to get into university on the comparisons between "Emma" and "Clueless"... It was a damn good essay but quoting lines such as "Riding the crimson wave" and "I'm outy" was a bit weird. Using Avatar is a bit soon though, it's still in the new section at Tsutaya!!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Here I could do some really funny pun like "I'm clueless about Emma" or so since I never saw any of those movies. Do you think they'll be remade in 3D?

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