Thursday, October 21, 2010

No! Stop the groping!

As I have previously discussed a little, groping is a problem with the crowded Japanese trains (as discussed here). I guess it would be wrong to label it a problem of mine as I neither grope or get groped, at least deliberately.

In order to stop this rampant groping, the different subway and train lines launch some advertisement campaigns with regular intervals and I found this new little sign quite interesting (see the picture). It says in big letters "Groping is a crime!" and features a quite happy looking female with a big envelope (I wonder what's inside?) and the outline of a man in a train with his hands in his pockets and a big "NO!" written all over him.
I have difficulties in finding out what I'm supposed to do after seeing this ad... Should I avoid standing by the doors with my hands in my pockets or should I limit my groping to women with envelopes? This requires some further contemplation.


ThePenguin said...

Side-step the whole dilemma by mounting a micro-camera on the tip of your shoe.

aimlesswanderer said...

Only grope hot chicks who carry mysterious envelopes. If they are smiling it's a green light?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Penguin - I don't see why I can't do both?

Aimless - Yeah, that could be it, I'm still confused though, but I'll stop standing in front of the doors with my hands in my pockets for a while at least

aimlesswanderer said...

Actually, having another look at it, perhaps it's saying that guys shouldn't grope themselves. Who knows what you could be doing with your hands out of sight.... but then why is the hot lady smiling? Perhaps she thinks it's better you grope yourself than her. Mysteries abound.

I'd love to hear what the advertising people were thinking when they end up with campaigns like this.

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