Thursday, October 7, 2010

The most possible trouble with the least effort

I'm a "corporate Japan main office" type of guy at the moment which means that my tentacles reach out pretty far within and outward in the organization, both people located in our Japanese factory, local reps and people in the overseas functions. My main tool of the trade is e-mail, if the Internet connection goes down for even one hour I'll be whining about it to no end and while I hang around, drink coffee and disrupt everyone's work while waiting for the connection to resume.

Our reps are different though, they live and die by their mobile phones and this can sometimes result in culture clashes as I've been sending someone some important communication by mail while the rep just checks e-mail once a day and not even that if he's busy travelling around in his cozy little car doing whatever it is reps are doing (looking at our sales figures from some regions, it is clear that selling is not prioritized everywhere) and expecting me to call instead of mailing. Resulting in a delay of information and all the problems that could come with it.

Now, I do respect that they rely on their phones more than the office people but I always find it a bit inefficient as you can only annoy one person at a time and with no convenient copy+paste voice function, you need to repeat it again to annoy another person. Through e-mail, I can easily annoy and cause additional work for as many people as I see fit and with copy+paste and forward functions, there is no limitations to it.

E-mail truly is a CTMD (Communication Tool of Mass Destruction) with the capability to capacity to annoy a large numbers of human beings indiscriminately!


Anonymous said...

This is Japan, right? They all have email addresses on their phones, right? You just need to update your distribution list (and remember to use plenty of cute emoji).

Mr. Salaryman said...

Anonymous - Well, that could be something, but generally those mobiles are not hooked up to the company mail, making it a bit different but the idea is sound

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