Monday, June 20, 2011

I quit!

Is it only me who feels Batty is trading down?
One of the highlights in any corporate job is always to hand in an unexpected resignation letter, always fun to see the shock, desperation and then confusion that comes with the realization that I'm heading off to better places.

As you can understand, I'm heading off to bigger and better things, leaving Cpt. Awkward, The Shadow, Strap-On Girl, Doctor T and the whole menagerie behind for a new zoo. Instead of a crappy mid-sized European company, I'm moving the show to a major American company and expect a lot of meaningless business jargon, intricate and annoying corporate politics and and a complex bureaucracy. So those of you worried that the stories might dry up, fear not, I'm sure that my new hunting grounds will give ample opportunity for some 'ol fashioned corporate insanity.

My biggest problem now is how all those "farewell drinking parties" are going to be able to take place before I join the major American health care firm... Maybe I should just go on a week long binge, placing myself at a bar and have the people rotate and pay tribute?


Gaijin Wife said...

Congratulations on the move. I think propping yourself up at a bar for a week and getting everyone to pay tribute on rotation is great idea. A lot easier to handle if its a continuous drink.

Sarahf said...

Congratulations on the new job. I think the key is to not sober up between parties, that way you can keep the hangover at bay. And once the hangover kicks in, it could be a good idea to send Baby Sunshine somewhere out of ear shot.

Chris said...


We are practically brothers!!!! In my country it is traditional for you to be giving your brother some money...please a pay a the money into a the paypal account as to observe proper traditions!!

I am to be thanking for you to this wonderful occasion.

Eva said...

Wow! Congrats for your fatter paycheck!

aimlesswanderer said...

Good luck, hope to hear about a new range of strange characters and situations. So what if you didn't drink? All you can eat BBQ meat?

My bro worked for a US company for a bit, and he said that they were so obsessed with only spending money on things which directly benefited the company they wouldn't pay for a company xmas party. And the company makes billions of dollars a year. They didn't want to spend a few thousand on employee training, and this where their employees are well paid, well motivated and well educated. He left after 6 months.

Martin said...

>>Batty isn´t trading down. There was a blonde on the other side ;-P

Jeffrey said...

"I'm moving the show to a major American company . . ."

So does that mean you can move out of Ikebukuro? : )

Fernando said...

I bet you will miss, nearly as much I will, Cpt. Awkward...oh boy is hard to find someone like him!

I hope I can give the same letter soon enough myself to change for a better job! :D

Will said...

Sounds like you'll be able to party extra hard and not worry about the damage...considering that your new firm is in the business of health care.

BiggerInJapan said...

and the bling-bling better be better

Mr. Salaryman said...

GW&Saraf - Yes, I thought the same thing, I'll just keep the alcohol levels in my blood even and gather it all up for one epic 3 day hangover in the end instead!

Chris - No, c'mon, you're your own boss while I have to slave away in the corporate hierarchy getting told what to do by sad pathetic people, I think you should give me some money as condolences?

Eva - Thanks, not that much fatter actually (I get enough as it is), but likely a more stimulating job

Aimless - I think there's crappy companies from every nation out there. The one your brother joined seemed really stingy, this one is a major one and I expect it to be quite normal. Besides, they all have to adapt to Japanese business standards

Martin - But on the other side was WONDER WOMAN?! Isn't she worth more than a blonde?

Jeffrey - Haha, I'm out since long ago, living in the countryside of Chiba now (check the "buying a house" series)

Will - Yep, keep those liver transplants coming!

Fernando - Best of luck getting a new and better job. I will miss Cpt. Awkward though, I've known him for many years now and have developed some affection for him

BiJ - No, longer hours, similar pay and all that but more room to grow (organizationally and profesisonally), time to do something new

Andy said...

Congrats! You're not going to be working in Kudanshita, by any chance?

Jeffrey said...

"Jeffrey - Haha, I'm out since long ago, living in the countryside of Chiba now (check the "buying a house" series)"

I guess I wasn't paying attention as I thought the new house was in Ikebukuro. Chibaragi, huh? My condolences.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Andy - Well, I have a feeling that you have a company located there in mind... In any case, I'll keep that stuff under wraps ;)

Jeffrey - THank you, it is appreciated. At least it's not in Saitama

Rydangel said...

Congrats on the new job. Good luck on getting your new company to pay for holiday parties and whatnots. Have one big going away party on Friday then use the weekend to recover from the hangover. 8D

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