Friday, January 15, 2010

It was a bit awkward actually

Captain Awkward comes into the office slightly later than everyone else and is met with plenty of questions from his peons asking how he feels and if he's recovered now. Me being out of the office for a few days have no idea what it's about, but can safely assume that he has had some form of health problems that I must have missed and had been taken a day or two off.

With him sitting pretty close to me I ask "what happened to you" to which some of his peons eagerly launches into an explanation on how he sprained his ankle pretty badly at an outside event recently. After a few seconds I feel the need to set thing straight and say to his peons across Cpt. Awkward "look, I didn't ask because I care about his health, I asked to make sure I wasn't going to get infected with anything nasty".

The vicinity fall dead silence until they realize that I'm at least half-joking from my smile. All through this Cpt. Awkward has kept awkwardly looking at his computer monitor without moving a muscle in his face. Two minutes later I hear him humming a merry tune with a serious face...


Liam said...

You just shouldn't have said such a thing


Martin said...

Yes, peons easily get upset. And that is forbidden.

aimlesswanderer said...

Love how his minions did all the talking! That is what distinguishes the top people from the peasants - minions.

You should have rushed out of the the room in horror as soon as you heard, screaming that he was diseased and that everyone was going to get infected and die.

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