Monday, January 25, 2010

Which slide was this again?

Setting, one of the dreaded telecons (the joys of which I discuss here) with one of our European sites. A French manager is starting up a presentation which apparently has been revised and re-sent by one of the managers in one of our Swedish sites who is also involved in the project. Apparently she has added one extra slide for some reason but the French Manager has missed this new and improved version and uses the previous version.

French Manager: So, if we look at slide five to…(interrupted)
Swedish manager: (female with a very high pitched voice) Slide six!
French Manager: (drones on about the project), then turn to the next slide, slide six…(interrupted again)
Swedish Manager: (voice with a hint of panic) slide seven!! the next slide, the French Manager seem to have caught on and tries to be preemptive...

French Manager: (realizes that he's watching at his slide seven, but everyone should turn to slide eight) so now, turn to... slide eight, right? (said with a hint of a smile to disarm the situation)
Swedish Manager: (panic subsided, but still high pitched and nasal) Slide eight!!

(Ok, fine, I admit it, the picture illustrating this post doesn't really fit with the post at all even with a huge stretch of the imagination, but hey, it's a great game and deserves some exposure! Good 'ol times, that guy was tricky...)


Martin said...

If this was supposed to be amusing I guess those dreaded telecons must be really booring?

However, i guess it was worth it just to get out the fine picture illustration the limitations in telecons?

Mr. Salaryman said...

C'mon, it's a little funny at least and that picture so well fit the post, you have to see the big picture!

Anonymous said...

They always got really upset when you shot them for no reason - but it was so much easier than conversing with them. INSULT THE GODDAMN FUCKING SHERIFF WILL YOU, BITCHES?!

Blue Shoe said...

Just out of curiosity, what game is that?

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