Saturday, January 30, 2010

"All Japanese are real perverts"

It's true that Japan sometimes has a reputation of being pretty kinky in terms of what it pumps out in the form of adult videos and porn. Generally I'm pretty strongly arguing against any conclusions on the mentality or sexuality of the Japanese people based on this because it's the oddities that get picked up and presented as ordinary in foreign media, partly because of ignorance but partly because it makes people more confident with themselves that there are other people out there that are much worse than themselves and that can be laughed at. So, there's sometimes some slightly racist undercurrents in such talk that I'm not completely comfortable with.

Not being an expert in culture and sexuality I don't think I can say anything with any real authority on the subject, but my general feeling is that Japanese culture is more forgiving to sexual deviations (not necessarily that they are more "perverted" on average, just more forgiving to stuff that falls outside the norm), the reasons for, I would suspect having to do with religious history among other things.

Ok, with that serious disclaimer out of the way; I found the most disturbing Japanese porn that exist out there; cockroach porn... No, not people dressed up as insects or anything like that, real actual pornography including insects and cockroaches. I'm pretty jaded and not particularly sensitive but seeing just a few small pictures of the stuff will haunt me for quite some time. You can show me the "two girls one cup" deal and I will find it disgusting, but mostly I feel sorry for the people involved in the whole deal, but this, this is really really bad...

So, with that out of the way; if you don't believe me or am more curious than what's good for you, you can see the cover and a few pictures here. But be warned that, if you have any aversion to insects, it is very very disturbing!!!

Next time someone brings up "all Japanese are perverts" I will just shut my mouth. Shitty box! Come back, everything's forgiven!

(Edited 20120801: I realised that the link I had previously provided had gone dead (for understandable reasons it seems like removed that horrible horrible movie) but to not disappoint anyone I updated the link with another disgusting insect porn movie although it does not seem as horrible as the original one)


Corinne said...

Dear lord. You just had to make the HERE link so huge that it was impossible not to click on it. I am feeling physically ill and will have to stop typing as will have to go and vomit dinner up, I've seen Japanese dog porn that has made me gag but this is something else.

aimlesswanderer said...

Holy crap, I hope the poor girl got paid a motza and gets unlimited counselling as part of the deal. And how exactly did they find this girl? Did they put in an ad for "hot girl who really really likes insects crawling over (and in) her"?

Seriously, why pull out fingernails when you can force them to watch this instead?

You're really digging up some extremely weird pictures now. Is this the new strategy to encourage more (weird) readers?

ThePenguin said...

When you say "I found the most disturbing Japanese porn that exist out there; cockroach porn... ", do you mean you actually opened up a search engine and actively sought this out? Or were you maybe sitting down on your AI-enabled WC perusing some more moderate "literature" (girl-on-girl-on-goat shabu-shabu fetish bondage or something), saw a cockroach scuttle by and thought "Yes! Being Japan someone will have had that idea already, I will just look it up and hey presto - an instant blog entry!".

Inquiring minds wish to know (though in not too much detail).

And no, I did not click on the link. Fifteen years of the internet have taught me some valuable lessons.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Corinne - Yes, but don't say I didn't warn you! When I clicked back to pick up the URL I actually squinted to just see enough to copy the link but a few seconds on the page was enough... I just can't stand insects...
Naked girls - Good!
Insects - Bad!
Naked Girls+ Insects - Horribly horribly wrong!

Aimless - Good question, but the market for "specialized" porn such as this must be so tiny that I can't see how it can pull in any "big bucks"...

Aimless and Penguin - Well, a friend of mine mentioned that there are such things out there and stupid as I am, I actually didn'T really believe him and typed in, in Japanese;
ゴキブリ エロビデオ and that was the first hit and enough for me to not pursue the investigation further... But judging from the title of the other sites I saw on google, it looks like this is a whole sub-genre... Since I hate cockroaches more than anything else, this will be the end of it...

Martin said...

Wow, why didn´t anyone comment the Shitty box post? Lots of unanswered questions there.

aimlesswanderer said...

Well, I can only hope that she isn't permanently psychologically scarred by the experience. I wonder how many applicants they screen tested. But if there were that many hits and such, there must be a reasonably large markets for this. After all, making and distributing that video must have been an expensive exercise, and there must be thousands (at a minimum) of buyers to make it profitable.

Some things are a bit weird, but insects and sex, no, just like tentacles and sex, just NOT right.

So you should ask your friend how he, err, "heard" about this bizarre fetish - though you may not like the answer and may have to forever avoid him.

This is the kind of thing that should drop out of the bags/pockets of all moralising politicians/religious leaders - in front of the cameras.

Mr. Bavaria said...

hmm, actually in Germany we have this quite successful "Jungle Camp" reality TV show ( Idea is to put C-grade celebrities (singers, porn idols, transvestites etc.) in an outdoor big-brother thing and let them eat/crawl/touch as many disgusting things as possible, while being as naked as possible for an evening TV show.
People love to watch it (especially since you can vote who is gonna be dipped in the worms & gore). So I guess there should be quite a market for the hardcore version of this concept. Maybe they should consider expanding to the German market.

Angga noor dyantoro said...

i don't know, is that for real. but why they are soo pervert. i mean yes it is true japanese are pretty but that's not a reason for someone to be a pervert isn't ? so what reason they are 1?

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