Thursday, January 21, 2010

Manage what quality?

Earlier I did discuss the IT department and my experiences with them (post here).

But, another department in the company that deserves a little more mention than what I have given the previously is the QA (Quality Assurance) department. I have touched a little on what's going on there since I'm quite fond of Cpt. Awkward and his behaviour (it has not worsened).

It’s the most ungrateful position you can have in a company that sell controlled devices and drugs that directly can affect human life; if you do well no one will thank you, but if there is a problem (and believe me, there will be problems) you will be the target even if it’s not your direct fault. I have been working a little closer with Cpt. Awkward and his peons recently and have seen first hand how they have intervened and barely stopped disasters to the company. When they bring it up people nod and think they're being needy and annoying.

If you are thinking of a QA job in the healthcare industry, my advice would be to try and see if you would enjoy playing an old game & watch game on high speed all the time, but if you miss once there is a disaster waiting either for the company or for some patient out there. If you think this sounds appealing, then you should get out there and get a job in QA!


Martin said...

Will I get paid for playing Game & watch!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Think of it as game & watch with all the fun removed out of it, but yeah, you'll get paid a little...

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