Saturday, February 27, 2010

How many of you are there exactly?!

Comparatively, Stockholm is not a large city, but with a bit over a million in population it's the biggest city in Sweden with a fairly large city center. But again, since my perspectives are quite skewed when it comes to Sweden and things Swedish (as discussed in this post), to me it feels like a huge city...

The other day, as I found myself in the console- and computer games shop Game in one of their centrally located shops as I picked up a copy of Aliens vs. Predator for the PS3 since it looks like the Japan release might be far away and I felt a bit desperate to not have a repetition of the horrible language issue that I ran into earlier with a game bought in Japan (the game is ok so far, but it's not great and not sure that I could recommend it to people who are not nostalgic about the earlier AvP series, but I have a soft spot for those).

I chatted a bit with the guy manning the store there about some games and didn't really think that much of it as I left to continue trolling the streets of Stockholm through the snow and ice, for other valuables difficult to obtain in Japan, to bring home to Japan. In hindsight, I guess I was lucky to not be hit and killed by a falling icile.
The following day, as I was staying with Big Bro with family in the outskirts of Stockholm, I was also doing a little shopping when I had a little time to spare in the local shopping center, about 30min away from central Stockholm with the subway. As I was considering to pick up one other game I went to the Game shop they had there. After picking up a few used cheap games (Killzone for the PSP and Prototype for the PS3 in case anyone is keeping track) and going to the register I realize that the guy manning the register looks suspiciously similar to the the guy I shopped at the day before in the other store in central Stockholm.

As I asked him a bit surprised if he had been working at the other shop the other day and he confirmed and that he also had remembered that I came in there. Some obvious jokes on evil twins and cheapness in hiring staff was of course exchanged, but it made me realize how small Stockholm really is in comparison...

(and yes Martin, I was gonna use this picture since earlier and your comment had nothing to do with it!)


Taarne said...

Know your Spock!

Martin said...

Much better! Evil twins should have facial hair.

aimlesswanderer said...

Hmm, strange, he must have thought you were stalking you.

At times people forget just how population sparse Nordic countries are. The biggest cities up there are like country towns by Japanese standards.

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