Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wait, no, this is going in the opposite direction of where I want to go...

Around this time, it is not unusual that I take the always lovely Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman under the arm and travel somewhere warm where we escape from the cold, spending time by the pool or beach with a cold beer, haggling for trinkets or having the natives perform for our amusement (hey, in Hawaii that was expensive though!), but now I found myself in a different situation.

Instead of somewhere warm and laid-back as a tourist, I find myself in work back in the old country facing one of the coldest winters since the dawn of man, reminding me again why I once made a holy wov to never return back to Sweden during winter, and with me I do not have Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman but instead a somewhat English limited colleague for side-kick. Also I found myself with no other choice than to take a crap in Der Flachspüler at the airport in Vienna on my way there.

Obviously Sweden is completely shocked by the fact that it's winter again and that it's cold and snowy and promtly all means of transportation breaks down and refuses to function. -15 degrees celcius is not favorable to my flimsy salaryman suit. It's ok, I don't need to go anywhere warm, just take me back to the comparative heat in Japan!


ThePenguin said...

Haha, 春一番 has been declared in Tokyo ;)

Martin said...

Translation for us who don´t read chinese please.

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