Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 Followers, thank you!

I just noticed that I had recently received my 100th follower signed up! I'm only doing the blog for fun, but there is of course no point if no one's reading it. It's also always hard to measure how well the blog is received, comments is of course one way, the hardcore page views another but I've also always looked at the followers and have probably at least once checked out each and every one of you (or at least as much as the blogger profile allowed me to).

So just a short post/note to say thank you for reading! Please don't feel
Intimidated and drop an e-mail or comment if there's anything you want me to discuss. Thank you!

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(yeah! That's right! I wrote this from my paddy, how about that!?)


Andrew said...

It's also worth noting you have 358 people following your feed on Google Reader!

I myself have done cull after cull of my reader, trying to save time and whittle down my bloglist, but you've made every cut. I really enjoy this thing.

Generic Jen B said...

Dude. Congrats. I don't pay attention to this sort of thing but you're right. I have a tiny core of 20 or so followers on reader and it always surprises me that even one person could be bothered to subscribe.
Well worth the mini-celebration! I've about to have my final beer in your honour before I fall asleep on the sofa.

Chris said...

Intense Debate giving you problems?

I'm intimidated by your posting with an ipad2.

Ive got an ipad but I'm gonna get an ipad2 next Wednesday.

I'm feeling kinda inferior and I'm not afraid to admit the privacy of this comment section ;)

BTW the virus warning box on my site when you (not that you...but if anyone ...I'm lookin at all the peeps that keep that schoolgirl post as #1 by coming via google image search) right click it has a javascript message for them. If English is their 2nd language then it might work??

And congrats!!

drich said...

Does that include those of us following via your rss feed?

I always enjoy reading your blog and the glimpses it gives into Japanese culture. Especially since I tend to visit Japan at least once a year. In fact I'm looking out my window at Tokyo Bay as I type this. :-)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Andrew - Oh, haha, didn't even know that, glad to hear you like the blog!

Jen B - Thank you, but seriously I guess it's different ways for different people... I never really use the "follow" thing for other blogs anyway, I just keep it on my blogroll and click from there. I have registered on a few, but more as a show of appreciation than anything else ;)

Chris - Yeah, must be that app that I am using for it that didn't like Intense Debate... But not sure, thinking of going back to the regular format for this blog (it does work good for your blog though since you actually have more discussion and debate going on).
I did refrain from buying the iPad when it came out since I wanted to wait for the next generation, but I kinda regret not getting into it earlier now that I've realized what a great thing the iPad 2 is, but not really sure if there's that much difference? I can't compare so have no idea whether it really is faster than the first version?

Drich - Hmmm... probably not... Glad to hear you like the blog and watch out for that typhoon rolling over here tomorrow...

Chris said...

Everyone has been kinda spooked lately :) I spooked myself :(

I just want the ipad2 cuz you have been mercilessly rubbing yours in my face ;)

I think it is a little faster,lighter and has a camera. First ipad doesn't have one...that's my main reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget us from google reader! :)

ferestre lemn said...

Now we are 101, you have a very nice blog so people returns with pleasure. Keep up the good work.

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