Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Put your lips around my nude crunky balls!

Ok, generally this is not the place to go for funky misuse of English here in Japan, not that I at times can find it quite entertaining but most of it just slips by as background noise these days as I've grown used to abuse of the English language here in Japan.

However, today I found this box of chocolate promising "Crunky nude balls" inside. But I didn't buy it for myself, usually when I find some bizarre type of snack that seems disgusting or have some really really odd flavour combination that I myself would never eat, but I still want to see and hear someone's reaction when eating it, I give it to Strap-on Girl and watch as she eats it and gives her comment. As the Japanese girl she is, more than often it's "Hey, this is pretty good, you really should try it!". Obviously she knows that it's a running joke from my side, but she's a sport and plays along as she's not as sensitive as me.

However, today I left this box of nude balls on her desk with a note saying "Here you go, try putting Salaryman's crunky nude balls in your mouth, I'm sure you'll like it". Thinking about it, that's actually borderline sexual harrassment if it wasn't for A) Her mind is so clean that she probably don't get the real filthiness B) She knows that I have a peculiar sense of humour (compared to the rest of the office) and humours me in my little jokes.

I have yet to put any nude balls in my mouth, but hey, when she opens it I might try some, the actual content does seem reasonably tasty! Somehow I have a feeling that it would be hard to market this product outside of Japan though...


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