Friday, May 6, 2011


Last year, I did a short post on the confusion that "Japanese-English" words can sometimes cause (something that big bro taught me is referred to as a "false friend" in language). However, I'm also quite fond of the Japanese-English abbreviations that are in common use here in Japan such as "CM" for TV "Commercial Message", "NG" for "No good" (and used as the opposite of OK), "AV" for "Audio and Video", "AV" for "Adult Video" and many others.

English purists might frown upon how the Japanese make these up and integrates them into the daily vocabulary but I find them quite handy and feel a bit handicapped when talking to a "real" foreigner and I have to make do without them.

Recently a new abbreviation has come into fashion: "DV" for "Domestic Violence" and I know try to use it as much as I possibly can since it's so much more fun than to say "kateinai bouryoku" (家族内暴力) or even "domestikku baiorensu". As Baby Sunshine has now gained a little more control of her appendages we are now often finding ourselves victims to Baby-on-Parent DV (BoPDV?) and using DV has saved us many seconds!


TheOctopus said...

I once acquired a DV AV DVD but it was NG.

kathrynoh said...

I was trying to get my housemate's DVD player the other night while talking to my sister on skype and my sister told me to look for the AV button on the remote. I think that button would confuse the hell out of Japanese men.

Fernando said...
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Fernando said...

polveraHahah I have always found even more amusing the "spoken english" in japanese, like the "domestikku baiorensu" or the Miruku for milk, it always sound twsited and funny at the same time :D.
And being able to convert an english word into japanese japanglo is an art lol

reesan said...

I once had a frustrating case of ED whilst watching a JAV.

Chris said...

Being an "Audiophile" myself the switch in the AV term has caused confusion during adult conversation classes?

"I'm into AV setup, I help other people with theirs!!!"



Mr. Salaryman said...

Octopus - Can you perhaps recommend me any decent DV AV for my AV setup?

Kathryn - Or make them more excited about the new functions of the buttons!

Fernando - "Katakana English" can be quite amusing, but can be a real bitch to figure out when writing...

Reesan - ED is NG, you should get a DV AV DVD instead, ask Octopus for advise

Chris - Yeah, I've been confused by signs announcing "AV" outside stores before, walking in and finding something other than I expected (sometimes to my delight!)

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