Thursday, May 19, 2011

It could be any day now... tense and nervous waiting for the call isn't it?

Today, as I was passing by the sales reps part of the office on my way to get a drink from the vending machine, one of the younger guys I don't know that well was in the office. I know that his wife is expecting so in order to mingle a bit with the people I stopped by to do some small chat. It went something like this:

Mr. Salaryman: Hey, how's it going with the pregnancy, are you a daddy yet?

Young Rep: (smiling nervously and fiddling) No, but the due date is today...

Mr. Salaryman: (patronizing smile) Oh, so you could get the call any minute now

Young Rep: (nervously looking at his watch) Yeah... it could be soon...

Mr. Salaryman: (even more patronizing) Haha, yeah, you must be nervous and excited, I know exactly how it feels

Young Rep: (looks like he's expecting some advice) You do?

Mr. Salaryman: (starting to walk away) Yeah, I'm supposed to get the iPad2 I ordered really really soon, could even be today but could be a little later so I'm feeling exactly like you

Young Rep: (manages to look both annoyed and nervous the same time, mumbling) I'm going to be a father you know...

Mr. Salaryman: (walking away, humming a merry tune to myself)

But I never got the call today, so I guess the delivery date for my iPad2 won't be until tomorrow... The rep I have no clue about since I have to focus on the pad!

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