Sunday, May 15, 2011

Economic Alcoholic

(It seems like Blogger had some problems earlier and that all the comments on my previous Apple-loving post got deleted, sorry about that, it wasn't me!)

Readjusting back to work after the Golden Weeks hasn't been easy and combining that with a particularly energetic Baby Sunshine who likes to go up and play (and loudly exclaiming this from her little crib) at the early morning, I feel lacking a bit of energy to do any of those hilarious and profound posts that I have in my head until I've caught up a bit more with sleep and being back to work.

But at a recent stop to the local liquor store I couldn't resist snapping a shot of one of the Japanese available hard liquor types. For this tetra pack of almost 2 litres (1800ml to be picky) with an alcohol content of 35 percent you pay less than $10 USD... Coming from Sweden where alcoholic beverages are taxed according to alcoholic content (the higher alcohol % the higher the cost) and you have to pay $20 USD for a 700ml of a really crappy vodka of 40% alcohol, this feels mind boggling.

I'm sure that this Japanese liquor tastes like poison, but hey, if you're an alcoholic strapped for cash, you should move to Japan! Anyone actually tasted this stuff?!


Sarahf said...

I always thought the tetra packs were for cooking. Sometimes my naivete stuns me.

Chris said...

I have been 2 years sober partly because the cheap shit tastes as bad as it's price implies..Asahi Haposhu?? Oh my God that shit is so fucking nasty it shouldn't be legal to sell to anyone besides already well oiled ojisans in dimmly lit bars.
Nasty nasty shit.

BiggerInJapan said...

isn't that stuff exclusively for making "umeshu"??

Contamination said...

It's economical to get drunk here, I love it.

If you had IntenseDebate running, your comments would still be active.

Also, any chance I could appear on your blogroll?

j. said...

don't think you'd want to drink that stuff straight; it's for making umeshu (or whatever other kind of -shu you like). but yes, definitely a deal.

Hanta said...

I've never seen anyone buy the 6 litre jugs of Black Nikka whisky.

Jeffrey said...

Nihon-shu of all strips is so sicky sweet that whether you pay less than a 1,0000 yen for a tetra pack or a mon or more for one of the large bottles of sake, you're wasting your money. I mean, there is a reason people mix shochu.

Fernando said...

Hehehe you mgiht go blind if you drink it straight :D

Contamination said...

The largest size is 4L, and I buy them for ¥3190 at CostCo.

registry booster said...

This is really economical! I would buy this liquor daily. I don't like to be an alcoholic but after a day full of work, i really need something to make me feel better.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Saraf - Haha, no, those are for drinking or "making your own stuff" but that's just bullshit, I think most people who drink it are really cheap drunks!

Chris - Oh yeah, don't get me started on the Happoshu! Nasty aftertaste with a much worse hangover as well, nasty nasty shit!

BiJ - Haha, yeah, I would guess that aprox. ~4.5% of the people who buy it actually use it for making their "own" umeshu

Contamination - Yeah, I have been slow about it but recently installed intensedebate, shuold be up and running by next post. I still haven't gotten around to that cleaning up of my blogroll, hold on a bit and it won't give you many hits anyway you know ;)

j. - Yep, like I said to BiJ, I seriously doubt that most people actually buy it for that

Hanta - Great stuff, actually I'm kinda fond of the cheap Japanese whiskey types, the more expensive the Japanese whiskey gets the worse it tastes compared to the real deal I think, but a decent cheap blended is usually quite ok

Jeffrey - Took me a few years but I've grown quite fond of shouchuu but can't stand the sweet types of sake...

Fernando - It'll get you drunk, fast at least, I can tell you that!

Register - If you can down almost two litres of this after work on a daily basis you are superhuman ;)

John in Osaka said...

I have just found your blog and was reading some old posts, and felt the need to jump in on this one. I don't know what White Liquor tastes like straight, but where I used to live (Gifu-ken - super inaka) the old guys would pickle sparrow wasps in the stuff for about ten years, then drink it down.

It was...indescribably awful, and one of the very few times I have gotten so drunk in Japan that I have a blank spot in my memory.

Eating the wasps fried was pretty bad too, though less painful the next day.

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