Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Love Apple!

I have never been a particularly huge Apple fan in my life. I had an iPod I liked and used and I recently ordered an iPad I'm still waiting for, but I went for the iPad before any Android tablets more for simplicity and because I know the stuff than hardcore brand loyalty.

The other day, I decided to send in my much used (~4 years or so) iPod for service to have the battery changed as battery time was getting pretty bad in the last months, requiring me to recharge the thing every day. The iPod in question was bought before any "iPod touch" models came into the market and by today's labels I guess it should be called an "iPod classic 80gb". Since I just ordered an iPad, I feel happy with an iPod geared towards music and not apps and was hoping that a battery change might bring a few more years of use for my old iPod, even though the 80Gb limit started to hurt a little.

Just two days later after sending it in, I received a package back in the mail and found a completely new iPod in there. Then I checked the attached letter saying "there were other problems apart from the battery that we could not fix, instead we send you a new replacement product". The iPod was of a significantly newer version and also has 120Gb memory and is considerably thinner than the one I sent in.

Thank you very much Apple! That's how you treat a customer and I'll be sure to send this one in very soon and be really pissed off if I don't get the same type of service!


Eva said...

WHAT!? I'm having problems with my bluetooth on my macbook pro recently and you totally inspired me to send my laptop to them, THANK YOU!!!

TheOctopus said...

Useless factoid: every Mac delivered since 2003 or so has my (real) name and email address embedded in an obscure corner of the OS. Not that I ever worked for Apple, but it's a nice way to win "street cred" with ueber-cool Apple fanpersons.

Disclaimer: writing this on a very battered grubby Macbook which would probably get me looks of withering scorn from said ueber-cool Apple fanpersons, but what do they know?

Jeffrey said...

I think someone pulled a fast one on management as Apple never does that. Either that or they're trying to build some brand loyalty.

I just updated iTunes and my iPhone yesterday. Guess what the major update was for the phone? Yep. They toned down how they are essentially monitoring your phone activity and your location when using it.

Though Apple is admittedly a more innovative company than Microsoft has ever been, Steve Jobs is just a slightly cooler Bill Gates. (But Steve Wozniak is ever bit the dick Paul Allen is.)

Fernando said...

I got convinced by a friend who is apple lover (like you) to get myself a tab...I did, but I felt that apple was a bit pretencious, they ask nearly as twice as much for a hardware that can do the same as another brand, they just sell the "I am cool" vibe, I can live without that, so I got the Smasung galaxy tab...BUT I have to agree that the service provided is very you can send your battered up 120Gb ipod and get an itouch :D

Anonymous said...

This is how Apple fixes things, they don't fix your actual product. They just replace it with a refurbished unit and fix your one later.

nunta formatie said...

I`m not an Apple fan, but i have an iPad and i want to say that you will be very happy with it. It is a good device, top performances. I will wait for you opinion about it.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Tokyo S - Hey there, thanks for commenting, but I feel a bit stupid for not even thinking about that, of course it's a refurbished one I got! But hey, it's still light years ahead of the version I sent in for repairs, so I still feel like I won here!

Nunta - Another new commenter! Thanks for commenting and yeah, really looking forward to getting that iPad so I can start playing with it!

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