Monday, May 30, 2011

So... What was it you did exactly?

Eerily accurate...
One common problem in our little company has often been the unclarity of responsibilities and who's supposed to do exactly what. When hiring, the company often does away with such petty things as job descriptions and instead goes for general broad strokes, hoping that the small stuff will settle itself eventually.

However, recently it reached the boiling point with too much confusion on who actually is supposed to do what. In a normal company it usually would have been handled by HR working to sort out what is needed and then make sure that the tasks and responsibilities are distributed accordingly.

Our HR decided to take a little different route though and sent out a communication to everyone to list up what exactly it is their departments do, compile this in one document and then distribute back to everyone thinking that everything would have been solved. Now, this didn't take into account that some of the more vague stuff that no one really wanted to do was left untouched and ended up not being included in any job description. This also gave the people who claimed it's "not their job" ammunition since they could now formally state "it's not in my job description so we shouldn't do this!". Leaving some stuff to go very ripe until it reaches the point that it's so "stinky" that someone feels the need to clear it out just to get rid of it bothering everyone. 

Sometimes I really feel that I'm working in some form of Bizarro office...

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