Sunday, May 8, 2011

A War of Cultures - Bakabon vs. Hitler

I have a beard (if you look in the upper left corner and in the logo, you get the image) and has had it basically since I was 18 or 20 something. I just really don't feel comfortable without it since it's part of my face by now, I do keep it pretty trimmed though since I'm a Salaryman and can't go around looking too shabby. However, once in a while, usually around the time I have a week of vacation, giving it just enough time to grow out again by the time I go back to work, I do shave it off for the benefit of Mrs. Sunshine.

As I was shaving it at the beginning of golden week, just for fun I left me a mightly handsome toothbrush moustache in place and sought out Mrs. Sunshine for her opinion on this change of image. Obviously the image I thought I would evoke was that of a certain failed Austrian painter but as she saw me and had finished laughing she said "shave it off, now, you look like Bakabon's dad!" (educational segment; Tensai Bakabon is a pretty famous Japanese comic manga and anime).

So what she saw was something like this...
...while I thought I would evoke an image like this...That's a difference in frame of references for you! Technically though, I think that Bakabon's dad actually doesn't have a fine toothbrush moustasche, I think it's actually his nosehair that is extending out his nose but can't say I'm too sure about that. But in hindsight, I guess it's better that she saw a beloved comic character and not one of the most horrible people this century.

I won't be doing that again, I guess the toothbrush moustache has been ruined in the West by Hitler and by Bakabon's dad here in Japan.


Chris said...

"failed Austrian painter"

LOL@ an unusual first hint at a infamous historical figure

Blue Shoe said...

Haha, nice. I agree, better to be nose hair guy.

Anonymous said...

I had my hair cut in a different style last week. When I showed my wife she said "it looks like Hitler".

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Just imagine if he had a little more talent in architecture and art instead of genocide...

Blue Shoe - Maybe I should try letting the nose hair grow too!

David - That's not something you'd like to hear after a haircut, but words of wisdow "hair always grows out"

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